The Korean Society of Hematology (KSH)   Homepage

Establishment and Membership

The Korean Society of Hematology (KSH) was established in 1958 for the development of research for blood and hematopoietic and related physiological and pathological phenomena. Now there are 1,500 members including physicians, scientists, nurses and pharmacists.


To lead the improvements in clinics and research for hematologic diseases, thereby contributing to medical advancement


To become a congress of global eminence

Journal & Publication

  • -Since 1966
  • -Open access & international readership
  • -Convenient online submission
  • -Covered by PubMed Central, Scopus etc.
  • -Editorial Board Members: 108 from 32 countries.
  • -Increasing citation
Journal Homepage

Annual Conference

The Korean Society of Hematology held conferences in the spring and autumn up until last year. From this year, the KSH will hold annual international conference in the spring. About 850 members participate in this conference.

Research Groups of the KSH

  • -AML/MDS Working Party
  • -Multiple Myeloma Working Party
  • -Lymphoma Working Party
  • -Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Working Party
  • -Myeloproliferative Nooplasm Working Party
  • -Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Working Party
  • -Pediatric Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Working Party
  • -Venous Thromboembolism Working Party
  • -Red Blood Cell Disorder Working Party
  • -Histiocytosis Working Party
  • -Aplastic Anemia Working Party
  • -Hemophilia Working Party

International Association for Comparative Research on Leukemia and Related Diseases (IACRLRD)   Homepage

The aspects of comparative research on leukemia and related diseases led, in 1960, the World Health Organization to inaugurate the International Association. With symposia taking place around the world every two years, the comparative aspects bring together physicians, veterinarians and scientists in basic research to promote research and to improve outcomes in leukemia and related diseases worldwide.